We have a lot to talk about

A lot can happen in 2 years.

This blog. 2 years ago, if you searched “how I qualified for the Boston Marathon,” this site would have been buried pages deep in your search results. Today, the same search will show my little blog on the first page of Google’s results – despite the fact that the last update was in 2016.

I get it. We all want to get to Boston.

And I apologize for my absence.

Since 2016, the margin by which one had to beat his or her BQ time has steadily increased each year, leaving dedicated runners discouraged and disappointed. Finally, the Boston Athletic Association saw no other way to meet the increased demand except to tighten standards by another 5 minutes for the 2020 marathon. To many, a Boston Qualifying time that once seemed difficult now seems impossible.

In the last 2 years we have seen the advent of the Nike Zoom Vapor Fly 4%, tempting Boston hopefuls with its claims of improved speed.

We have seen Derek Murphy’s Marathon Investigation Blog call out cheaters.

We have watched Shalane win New York and Des win Boston.

We have seen Revel inaugurate more downhill marathons.

As for me? Well, a serious and mysterious medical issue left me out of the 2017 Boston Marathon—what would have been my first. At the time I didn’t know if I would be able to ever run marathons again, let alone get my fitness back to where it once was. That certainly put a damper on my desire to update things here.

I had a baby.

I moved to a new state – 3 times.

I started a new job as a running instructor at my local gym.

Happily, my health improved and once again I began to pursue my Boston Marathon dream – with a new and refreshing perspective after learning a hard lesson about what is really important in life. Nevertheless, a training schedule calling for 60+ miles a week doesn’t leave much time and energy for blogging.

Miraculously, I not only re-qualified, but did so with a 9+ minute margin and a 6+minute PR. Trust me, I never thought I could run that fast.

Along the way, I learned new lessons about fueling and racing weight, about form, about the importance of dynamic stretching and about sleep. All things I hope to share here.

As I said, we have SO MUCH to talk about.

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